Did you ever wonder what would cause someone to want to start an orphanage? Watch as co-founder Pastor Lucius Bruyning recounts the story and provides a unique perspective into Alpha Children's Home.

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We were awakened everyday by a group of children. Actually, we were usually up and had gotten ready for the day. By the time the children were ready to wake us up, I was in Mom's room and we were planning our daily activities. The boys who first came in were Rajunior, Mahendra and Daniel, then shortly there after, Lammar, Asif and Richard came in.

Mom would help some of the kids get ready. Before breakfast, the children went around and did their chores for the day. They helped wash clothes, sweep up, gather water for the day, make beds and clean the bathrooms. After the chores were done, we had breakfast. We ate rolls with hard boiled eggs. The children were given 2 rolls with an egg or two with green tea. The rolls were the same rolls Pastor Lucius got from the bakery in Georgetown right before we left to come to Alpha. The rolls looked like sub or hoagie rolls we have in America.

After breakfast and chores, we played some more with the kids. Mom had the children begin to make thank you notes fort the church family. Tawana, one of the older girls, helped Mom and the kids begin the thank you notes. We got the kids together in groups of 4 or 5 and gave them construction paper and crayons. While they made thank you notes, we took videos of them too. All of the children took such care to make sure their thank you notes were pretty. They spent so much time on detail. They kept asking Mom now to spell certain words. Tawana also helped them with spelling. We were pleasantly surprised at how much talent some of the children displayed.

After dinner that night, we began taking pictures of each child. We conducted the photo session in Pastor Lucius' office. It felt so good in the office because it was nice and cool in there. It felt great to Mom and me. The other children were cold. They were not used to having air conditioning. We did not realize that we were as hot as we were until we hit the nice air conditioning. Our clothes were sometimes soaked but we were having so much fun with the kids that we didn't really concentrate on that. There were times that we would stand in front of the fan in Mom's room and let the fan hit us in our face.You can see these pictures in our gallery .

We had each child hold up a white board with their name on it. Some of the children wrote their own names, others had one of the older children write their names on the board for them. There is a family of seven at the orphanage. We took their pictures individually and as a family. Swarsattie, Parbattie, Latchmi, Kameal, Nafeeza, Raj & Mahendra with the oldest sibling (Swarsattie) holding a whiteboard. Swarsattie is very protective of the children. It was not blatant but you could tell by her tenderness toward her siblings that she displayed. She helped them to fix their hair, hold the board correctly and make sure they were all sitting correctly in the group and individual pictures.

We had so much fun with the kids. We got them to laugh and giggle as we photographed them. It was great spending time with them. We got to know them a little better with each of these sessions. We were struck with how much they helped each other with everything we did. The help was not for our benefit. You could tell that these kids had really bonded to each other. They loved each other and always helped each other. Don't get me wrong, they are typical kids. They had their momentary spats but they quickly got over them and came to each other's help when needed.

One of the kids asked me to play football with them. By football, he meant soccer. I played with them for hours. The goals were two tires across from each other. It was fun we played until it was dark outside. We were amazed at the little things that made them happy. They all love movies. Swarsattie likes to sing. She would write down the words to the songs in the Barbie movies. She is such a humble young lady. Mom finally coaxed her to sing a little song for us. Mom told her that she had a beautiful voice. The girls in particular liked having little journals to jot down thoughts, songs, etc. The younger kids love to play by rolling a tire around the yard. They had so much fun rolling the tire and chasing it. They played very well with each other.

At night, we would sometimes read bedtime stories to the younger boys. Before you knew it, the room would fill up with other children listening to the story. The younger boys wanted me to sleep in the room with them. I slept in the room with Daniel, Rajunior, Mahendara, Rakesh and Terrence. Its so funny, they really wanted me to sleep with them they couldn't wait. Rajunior and Mahendra took a special liking to me and followed me around a lot. Rooming with them and Rakesh and Terrence helped us form a friendship bond with each other.

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