Did you ever wonder what would cause someone to want to start an orphanage? Watch as co-founder Pastor Lucius Bruyning recounts the story and provides a unique perspective into Alpha Children's Home.

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Almost everyday we would stop by Pastor Lucius' kitchen, down the hall from our room, and try some of the fruit Pastor Lucius purchased. Almost inevitably, we would be joined by the children looking for us to play. Of course, we could not partake of the fruit without sharing with the children. It would start with one child, and then steadily increase one or two at a time. Before you knew it, we had a room full of children. I guess that's what happens when your home is full of 32 children.

The kids took a liking to Mom's iPhone and and began looking at her pictures. Usually, Mom was there to monitor what they reviewed; however, once the kids accidentally saw pictures of my little brother's birthday party. We didn't want to show them all our pictures because we didn't want the to feel bad if they stumbled upon our Christmas or birthday pictures. We had pictures of present. We didn't want to have them feel bad if they saw them. The birthday pictures they saw were of my brother's birthday meal. When they saw all the food on the table, they were amazed at all the food. We had tacos for my brother's birthday and we had bowls of shredded cheese and lettuce and tomatoes. That appeared to be a lot of food to them. The asked us if this was our table. We quickly changed the picture because we felt bad. The kids did see a picture of our cat named Zachary, they were like "You guys have a house cat?" because house pets weren't very common in Guyana. If you did have a pet, you had a dog or a goat or something. Or sometimes you had animals for your farm like cows and other kinds of animals. It was rare to see a cat.

On Wednesday the visitors arrived at the orphanage. They helped serve lunch to the children. Auntie Joyce told us that someone donated money to pay for the children to have chicken curry for lunch. That day the children had a feast. They had chicken curry, dahl (lentils) and rice for lunch. The visitors helped to distribute food and water to the children. The children thanked them by singing a special song for them. Swarsattie prayed for the food and for their (that of the visitors) blessing. I was amazed to see that she volunteered to pray for them. After lunch the visitors started the event where the children sang Bible songs. Afterward, book bags and Bibles were distributed to the orphaned children of New Amsterdam.

I wanted to make sure I captured this event on video tape. Elizabeth helped me take video of the event. There were some other people taking pictures and videos of the event as well. I watched the event for a while and took some pictures with our camera. I wanted to make sure we had both video and still pictures. Before the event somebody asked me if I was Alpha's staff. I said "No, I'm just here to take pictures". So later when they started to give out the book bags and Bibles, one of the people running the event came up to me and asked me if I could take pictures of them giving out the book bags and Bibles to the kids. I was all too happy to do that. The event was a huge success filled with loud Christian music, meant to entertain the children and capture the ear of passers by. If you didn't know the source of the music or were inside and could not make out the words, it would be easy to think the music was emanating from either the Hindu temple or Muslim mosque that surround the home.

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