Did you ever wonder what would cause someone to want to start an orphanage? Watch as co-founder Pastor Lucius Bruyning recounts the story and provides a unique perspective into Alpha Children's Home.

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The children watched as Mom and I got ready to leave for Georgetown. Most of the older girls came into our room to watch help and talk. Several of the boys came in too. Both the girls and the boys were around us all at the time. At times, depending upon when the boys came in, Mom was doing her make up. She felt a bit funny doing her make up with the boys around. Because of this, the older girls asked the boys to leave the room until "Auntie Larissa" was ready. They called Mom Auntie Larissa. Several of them watched intently so Mom began explaining to them what the different things were.

Auntie Joyce brought breakfast and bush tea up to Mom's room so that we could eat while we got ready. Previous to this, I would always ask Ms. Joyce for some bush tea and she would give it to me.That was very thoughtful of her. We are going to miss Auntie Joyce's bush tea. Almost daily I asked her for it. Bush tea is the best tea i have ever had. It is made with fresh roots and herbs. Auntie Joyce said it was good for the children. She said that the tea served to cool the children's blood in the hot weather. Auntie Joyce thought it was funny because I kept asking for the tea. By the end of the trip, she began calling me her son. I thought that was so sweet.

Several of the children helped us take our bags to the car. After the bags were loaded, many of the children took turns taking pictures in front of the car. When we were done taking pictures, we went into the dinning room. Many of the children were already in the dinning room. Auntie Joyce called for the other children to come into the room. There they prayed that God would grant us traveling mercies and that we have a safe trip home. They thanked God for allowing us to come and visit them.

After we prayed, Mom went around and hugged everyone. To her surprise, she began to cry. She said it was weird because she wondered how she could cry after only knowing the children for one week. She felt surprisingly close to the children. She knew that she was going to miss them. I too said goodbye to everyone again. I had already begun to do so the night before when Mom and Pastor Lucius were talking. I was uncertain if the children would be up when we left in the morning because I knew we had to leave very early. I did not want to miss the chance to say goodbye to everyone.

Sarah wished me Happy Birthday the night before because she knew i was leaving the next day which happened to be my birthday. She said, "Happy birthday because your birthday's on Friday and you're leaving tomorrow". I thanked her. On Thursday morning, Sarah was the first to come up and hug me goodbye. Once she did, others came up until eventually we had hugged everyone.

I think its cool how Mom went around hugging everyone and they all came to me. I think that is so cool because I was very nervous going to the orphanage. I did not know what to expect or what the kids would think of me. It was an answer to prayer that we all got along so well.

After we said our final goodbyes, we left. We were very sad on our way to Georgetown. Mom had some business to tend to in Georgetown on Thursday before our flight on Friday. We went to the market to get a couple of souvenirs for my brothers and sisters at home in the States. Later, we went to the hotel. Mom and I kept asking about the kids. We missed them already. We cannot wait to go back to Alpha to see the children again. How blessed we were to be given the opportunity to meet these wonderful children and the workers, Auntie Joyce, Auntie Beverly and the volunteers.

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