Did you ever wonder what would cause someone to want to start an orphanage? Watch as co-founder Pastor Lucius Bruyning recounts the story and provides a unique perspective into Alpha Children's Home.

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Meet Kameal P.


Kameal's Siblings

Parbattie P. Latchmi P.

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The Kids Playing Games Kameal Persaud Swarsattie P., Parbattie P., Latchmi P., Kameal P., Rajunior P., Mahendra P., Nafeeza P. The kids gettings books and bookbags Some of the Kids Playing Games Kameal Showing off Her New Clothes

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Our Web Developer's Trip To Guyana Day 1

I am the web developer here at the Alpha Children's Home and I live in the United States (Not Guyana). About 2 months ago me and my mom went down…

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Our Web Developer's Trip To Guyana Day 2

Sunday Auntie Joyce got up early and baked bread. We had homemade bread for breakfast along with tea. It was delicious. On Sunday we went to church.

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Our Web Developer's Trip To Guyana Day 3

Monday We were awakened everyday by a group of children. Actually, we were usually up and had gotten ready for the day. By the time the children were ready…

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Kameal and six (of her eight) siblings experienced heartbreaking abuse by their stepfather. They also suffered severe malnutrition, were underweight, and small for their age. While Social Services is working with their mother to help her put her life back together and regain custody of her children, it is Alpha Home's responsibility to care for them. We desperately need financial assistance to help these and all of our children.

Get to Know Kameal Better

Favorite Color

Pink & Purple

Favorite Food

Fried Rice & Chow Mein

Her favorite holiday is Christmas Eve because its her birthday

Kameal’s favorite hobby is spelling

Kameal has 8 brothers and sisters and she likes to sing, she wants to be a singer when she grows up

If you could have three wishes, what would you wish for?

I don't know

If Kameal could spend one day doing anything she would play hopscotch

Born on December 24