Did you ever wonder what would cause someone to want to start an orphanage? Watch as co-founder Pastor Lucius Bruyning recounts the story and provides a unique perspective into Alpha Children's Home.

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Meet Terrence M.


Photos Terrence Is In

The kids gettings books and bookbags


Terrence was found living on the streets in Georgetown, Guyana, where he had to fend for himself. He was ultimately picked up by Social Services, who could not locate his parents or other family members. Although the authorities are attempting to find a relative who will act as a guardian for Terrence and provide him with care, no one has been found. Since he had no place else to go and would end up back on the streets, he was brought to the Alpha Children’s Home, where he now attends school. Terrence is cheerful and is blessed with a pleasant personality.

Get to Know Terrence Better

Grade In School

Grade 6

Likes school and his favorite subjects are mathematics and english

What do you like best about being Terrence?

Shrugs shoulders…"Nothing"

He likes to do chores and his favorite sport is to run.

Are you a fast runner?

A little bit

Do you like to race? Do you guys race? Do you do that in school too?


Terrence wants to be a Man of God When he grows up...and an artist.

If you could wish for something what would you wish for?

To be smart and rich

What kind of toys? Cars? Action figures?


Favorite Food

Friend rice and macaroni and cheese

Favorite Colors

Blue and yellow

Favorite Pastime

When Terrance is not in school he likes to play hide-and-seek